Love Jubilee Theatre and wanting to give back in a special way?

The Jubilee Board of Directors will vote for officers and directors for 2018-2019 at our meeting on August 16, 2018.

There will be 2-4 available board of director positions and we are looking for candidates committed to helping Jubilee accomplish its stated mission. We are also seeking candidates who have experience with grant writing, marketing, theatre, development, business etc. to help further diversify the board.


The financial and involvement requirements for Jubilee trustees include:

  1.         Attend at least three-fourths of all scheduled meetings

  2.         Actively sit on at least one committee

  3.         Maintain status as a Season Ticket holder

  4.         Participate in the development and fundraising processes 

    • Supporting Jubilee’s annual campaign with a personal gift

    • Attending annual fundraisers

    • Soliciting the sale of or purchasing 8 tickets ($125 each) to the Annual Party

    • Introduce new individuals to the Jubilee Experience        

To apply, please submit a short résumé to