Knowing that a community organization is only as strong as its board of directors, Jubilee Theatre has assembled a board that looks to help ensure a very bright future, as they enter their fifth decade of providing high-quality culturally impacted theater entertainment to the North Texas spectrum.

While Jubilee’s elite staff oversees the prolific entertaining and artistic performances on the front stage for the patrons to witness and enjoy, the board of directors are working behind the scenes to provide the theatre the needed resources, along with helping give a positive direction so that they remain a stalwart in the theater and entertainment community for seasons to come.

A look at the 19 board members displays North Texans that are ingrained in close to every important sector of the African American community, comprising of educators, corporate executives, business owners, faith leaders, government officials and other professions.

 They represent a strong and dynamic cross-section of the communities in parallel of Jubilee’s primary goal to vividly reflect the Black experience through the arts.

Many of the board members have been long avid patrons of Jubilee Theatre’s works over the years. They are now paying it forward in positions to help Jubilee keep its vibrancy for future generations.






Profession: Secondary School Principal, Teacher

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “A Motown Christmas,” Other Christmas Productions

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

Jubilee is the gem for the city of Fort Worth, it has told the African American story and history throughout the ages for almost the past 41 years. There is no one else who does it as well, without it, the city would be lost. Jubilee really is needed.



Vice President

Profession: Executive Assistant, Texas Wesleyan University

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “Alice Wonder”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

Fort Worth needs a Jubilee Theatre to see the history, the before, during and after, because the future is now! Never give up. Your face and voice matters.



Vice President-Finance

Profession: Banker, Frost Bank

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): Admiration of Jubilee’s success in staying in operation despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

Fort Worth needs a Jubilee Theatre because literally it’s a good representation for the diversity that Fort Worth promotes and celebrates. If we celebrate everything else, we should celebrate Jubilee and its history.




Profession: Retired Public Relations Professional

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “Negroes in Space”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

When I was introduced to Jubilee Theatre, it opened up a world that I sort of was aware of but didn’t really know much about. I have learned so much and gained so many friends from Jubilee and if more people would embrace Jubilee it would make for a better climate in our area and bring people together in a way they need to be brought together these days.



Development Committee Chair

Profession: Trust Manager, Bank of America

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “Nina Simone for Women”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

Fort Worth needs Jubilee Theatre, for one, the history, it is an institution you really don’t find in other spaces. It is the oldest African American theatre in North Texas; with that comes a lot of legacy. The audience is so diverse. It’s a story that everyone can relate to. It’s not Jubilee as an African American story, it’s an American story.



Development Committee Member

Profession: Businessman

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “Pretty Fire,” “God’s Trombones,” “Thurgood”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

Fort Worth is a very diverse population and growing very fast, this means to have a theater in the community that is not only is inclusive as a workplace but that promotes and celebrates inclusion and a sense of belonging for all people, once that’s instilled, the people will return time and time again.



Marketing Committee Member

Profession: Owner of Eventfully Yours, Special Event Management Company

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): Helping former employer American Airlines hold “A Night at the Jubilee Theatre,” bringing several high-level executives to see several productions.

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

The Jubilee Theatre is a huge part of the North Texas African American arts community and it has earned the right to be at this table and to be included in all conversations as it relates to the arts.



Vice President-Human Resources

Profession: Attorney

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “To Be Young, Gifted and Black”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

It’s so important to have arts that reflect the community that you’re in. Jubilee does a wonderful job of having a positive impact in the community. I’m excited to join the board.



Board Member

Profession: Senior Professor of Theater Arts, Texas Wesleyan University

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “Negroes in Space”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

Jubilee has been here for over 40 years and we plan to have it stay much longer, based on the lover that Rudy Eastman created when they first established Jubilee. Jubilee is a first for Fort Worth and we plan to keep it here a long time. Jubilee also has a major value to the educational system in Fort Worth because of the relationship they have with the high schools and colleges in the area an opportunity for the students to come not only watch theater but also be interns actors, designers and technicians for that total experience.



Board member

Profession: Educator, CEO and Founder,

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

Not seeing as many African Americans and minority students in the theater arts, to give them a venue or place they know they can be. When they go to college they’re told they have to be an athlete or this and that, they never think about the success they could have if they just follow the fine arts to college. This is why Fort Worth needs it but why every city across the country needs a Jubilee Theatre.

Being a part of Jubilee Theatre will help foster that belief and bring in more kids to the theatre and so they can say I can do this as opposed to this isn’t to me.



Board Member

Profession: Owner, Camilla Harris State Farm Insurance Agency

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “God’s Trombones”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

I’m a strategic thinker and an active listener, with those talents and traits, I do feel that would enable the board collectively to move forward with Jubilee’s mission. Whatever we would need to do from strategic planning marketing to making sure that Jubilee stays in the Fort Worth community; that’s what I would earmark (funds) to be used for.




Board Member

Profession: Owner, Prim, Prose and Proper LLC, Etiquette and Image Consulting

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “If Scrooge Was a Brother”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

Fort Worth needs a Jubilee Theatre especially because of the history and because of the diversity in the theater there’s more than one way to show something and its really entertaining and exciting for people to come in and see totally different view. It’s amazing and awesome and everyone needs to experience it.



Board Member

Profession: Clinical Director, Federal Medical Center, Carswell

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “Thurgood”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

It’s really important to work with the underprivileged of our society… with acting in itself, they have to express themselves as the characters that they display. If they do that, then they will develop their own character.



Board Member

Profession: Accountant

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “To Be Young, Gifted and Black”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

It’s necessary to have a theater like Jubilee because it opens up doors for our young people. I think we can get them involved, just letting them volunteer. It’s necessary because we don’t want our theater to die, we want it to grown and keep going. In order for that to happen, we must have our young people here to keep it going.



Board Member

Profession: Managing Consultant and Adjunct Professor, University of Texas Arlington

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “Southern Boys”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

I think it’s very important the Fort Worth had something like Jubilee because it showcases what we as African American have gone through, spotlight it and gives other cultures and young people an appreciation of what we’ve endured as a people. Jubilee Theatre is a hidden jewel among the North Texas theaters. We have a story to tell and we definitely have a place here to showcase and spotlight our story.



Board Member

Profession: Entrepreneur, Associate Minister

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): Discovering Rudy Eastman as a young girl

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

Fort Worth needs Jubilee Theatre because Rudy Eastman made an impact in the city. Every thriving city has a theatre that pays homage to the African American experience, whether it be New York, Los Angeles or Dallas, there is a theater that recognizes the African American experience. Being that, Fort Worth… is right to pay homage to the African American experience and making sure that we acknowledge the contributions we make here.



Board Member

Profession: Director of Research, Visit Fort Worth

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): Volunteering at Bass Hall for “Southern Boys”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

Fort Worth is among the most diverse cities in the country and diversity and culture are two factors that bring people back and make people feel welcomed. Jubilee is vital here for the African American experience and we need to make sure we keep Mr. Eastman’s name alive and also Mrs. Marian Eastman’s name alive as well.



Board Member

Profession: English Professor, Weatherford College

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): “Nina Simone For Women”

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

As with most people, our education has been Eurocentric. With Jubilee Theatre there will be more of a cohesion because people need to know not only African American history, but our culture; Jubilee Theatre serves a wonderful purpose in that.



Board Member

Profession: Retired Educator

Favorite Jubilee Theatre Moment(s): The cast being interactive with the audience during a production.

Why I am on the Jubilee Team:

It’s important for our youth to see live productions, to be involved in the arts themselves. That’s what I would want them to see.


For more information, visit or call (817) 338-4411.