Season Tickets

2019 - 20 Season Pass Levels

Season Pass type Price    Valid

Platinum Season 



  Unlimited Ticket Admissions - Non-Transferable


Gold 6 Season Pass



  6 Ticket Admissions - Any Performance


Gold 4 Season Pass



  4 Ticket Admissions - Any Performance


Silver 6 Season Pass



  6 Ticket Admissions - Thursday Evening/ Matinee Only


Silver 4 Season Pass



  4 Ticket Admissions - Thursday Evening/ Matinee Only


Bronze 6 Season Pass



  6 Ticket Admissions - Preview Performances Only


**Purchase a companion pass for the same price of each package, allowing two or more people to see 2-6 shows. 


  • Unimited exchanges for Season Pass holders
  • Early booking to ensure seating preferences. Season Pass Holders may book before single ticket buyers!
  • When you book your entire season you can lock in your seats for each performance!
  • Platinum Members - 50% OFF additional tickets to same performance max of 4 tickets.

Terms and Conditions

Although your season tickets have been purchased you must schedule and confirm your dates. Tickets are redeemed based upon availability of the performance.  Due to early booking options for Season Ticket holders, popular shows may sell out. You may reserve your entire season before single tickets are available. Once tickets have been redeemed additional tickets will be sold at regular price, except for Platinum Members. Any pass tickets not claimed are not refunded without 24-hour’s notice. All Season Subscriptions are non-refundable; however, an exchange is permissible to upgrade to higher level. All Silver levels can be used outside of your valid performances, but will incur a $4 up-charge. Bronze levels may be used outside of Preview performances, they will incur a $20 up charge.  The upcharge is non-refundable, if you forfeit your reservation.

Exchanges are permissible with 24 hours notice, no exceptions for Season pass orders. If not there is no notification of cancelation or reschedule, by either emaill, or call, the tickets will no longer be valid for use.