If Pretty Hurts...

If Pretty Hurts...

Combining West African folklore and contemporary American culture, If Pretty Hurts... follows four teenage girls as they grapple with societal definitions of beauty. In the fictional setting of Affreakah-Amirrorkah, the four young women – Kaya, Massassi, Adama, and Akim – are given an opportunity to live in a society where their individual beauty can reign supreme. But this opportunity comes at a dangerous cost.

Tori Sampson's hilariously provocative play doesn’t ask the question "How much is beauty worth?" but rather, "Why are so many willing to pay its price?"

Jubilee Theatre

506 Main Street

Fort Worth, Texas 76102

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May 27 -June 26, 2022

Running Time:

120 minutes + 15 minute intermission

Age Recommendation:

Contains Mature Language