Split Second

A Crisis of Conscience

This taut, incendiary drama explores the story of a respected African-American police officer who arrests a white man on suspicion of attempted car theft. The suspect taunts the officer with racist insults and verbal attacks until, in the grip of uncontrollable rage, the officer loses his cool and guns down his handcuffed antagonist. There are no witnesses; the cop can probably get away with it. Does he turn himself in or does he cover himself? The play focuses on the officer's moral dilemma: Should he tell the truth about the slaying or should he let the matter slide away as self-defense?

Jubilee Theatre

506 Main Street

Fort Worth, Texas 76102

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May 24 -June 23, 2019

Age Recommendation:

MA - Mature Audiences: This production contains strong language and adult situations. Suggested for audience members over 15 years old.